Housing ConstructionTrends Report

The Housing Construction Trends Report (HCTR) makes it easy to stay abreast of trends in residential construction. Every month the report allows subscribers to quickly see where the market is headed using our convenient Snapshot page. Subscribers see the strength and direction of residential construction at the state, metro area, and county levels. Monthly permit series and analysis can also be downloaded from the website.

Forefront Economics applies time-series analysis routines to isolate the underlying trends from normal seasonal and irregular movements in housing permits. The results are presented in each monthly report, allowing readers to spot trends and understand the market quickly without spending hours of analysis time.

Our trend index, FETI, characterizes the strength and direction of trend based on a time series analysis of each series.

Use Housing Construction Trends to…

  • Quickly see strength and direction of trends in units permitted for construction
  • Know when construction trends are reaching a turning point
  • Determine market share by geographic areas
  • Download monthly permit series for your own analysis and forecasting

Key Features

  • Free sample reports for all 50 states!
  • Reports and online data updated monthly