Data Management and Reporting

All empirical projects designed to support business decisions start with data organization and management. Forefront Economics offers the following data warehouse development, organization and management services:

  • Data warehouse content planning and management
  • Access to data in diversified data sources (e.g., DB2, Oracle, SAS┬«, Excel, Lotus 123)
  • Data revisions, cleaning, merging, and enrichment from secondary sources
  • Report development and production
  • Web-based Reporting

Web-based Reporting:
Reporting via Internet/intranet has become an increasingly important way to disseminate company information. Forefront Economics can provide a variety of web-based reporting tools, including static and dynamic graphs and tables.

Prior Client Projects:

  • Construct a marketing data warehouse by enriching customer information with business specific data from secondary data sources.
  • Cleaning, standardize and merge customer survey data across several years to develop a common database for addressing strategic issues.
  • Update CIS records of commercial customers, including SIC codes.
  • Develop customer and non-customer database for strategic marketing.
  • Develop monthly sales report by region and output in HTML format.

Tools Used:
As a SAS Alliance Partner, Forefront Economics offers clients the latest in business intelligence technology.