Forefront Economics provides a wide range of consulting for our clients, from data management and reporting to econometric analysis of customers and markets.  We pride ourselves on our ability to customize projects to the needs of our clients.  Areas of experience include:

  • DSM Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Market Potential Studies
  • Customer Usage Modeling and Forecasting
  • Econometric Modeling and Analysis
  • Customer Choice Modeling
  • Data Management and Reporting

All empirical projects are designed to support business decisions start with data organization and management. Our services, designed to put the power of information where your organization needs it, include model data development and advanced analytical approaches.  Our focus is helping our clients move “from data to . . .     . . . to insights”.

Econometric Modeling and Statistical Analysis

Forefront Economics has extensive experience with applied econometrics, including simple and logistic regression, conditional demand modeling, and simultaneous systems of equations. Contact us for your next load analysis, load forecasting or program evaluation project.

Quantitative Market Research

Forefront Economics can help your organization gain valuable insights to strategic issues, such as customer segmentation, customer loyalty and retention, and cross-sell and purchase propensity, through applying traditional statistical, as well as, advanced data mining techniques.